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Microsoft Pandora's Box 1.0

Pandora's Box Trial is a full trial version of the Pandora's Box puzzle game
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Pandora's Box Trial is a full trial version of the Pandora's Box puzzle game. There are about 400 puzzles in this game. It’s not a typical puzzle game. Playing it you can develop your visual skills – observation, recognition and so on. In the game players will travel around the world to different cities and solve different kinds of puzzles to capture seven “tricksters” – Maui, Puck, Eris, Coyote, Monkey, Anansi and Raven. Each trickster has a challenge puzzles after finding all the missing box pieces. When you start out the game, you'll have to pick the city that you want to start at, then begin solving the many puzzles in it's depths. If some puzzles will take too long to figure out, there is some help: “hint” – used to find where one piece goes if the player needs help figuring it out, and “free puzzles” - after solving 10 puzzles you are given a Free puzzle which means you can use this anywhere in the game. There are 10 types of puzzles: Find and fill, Focus point, Image hole, Interlock, Jesse’s strips, Lens bender, Outer layer, Overlap, Rotascope and Slices. Sound and music makes the game with its unique sounds and animations easy to play and easy to think.
Note that to play this game you should have DirectX installed on your PC.

Julia Galygo
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  • Easy and fascinating
  • A lot of puzzles to figure out
  • Wide range of puzzles types
  • Attractive graphic design
  • Accompanying sound and music


  • Only single player
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